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The National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association exists to promote, support, nurture, andpreserve NMLRA's and our nation's rich historical heritage in the sport of muzzleloading throughrecreational, educational, historical, and cultural venues such as match competition, hunting, gunmaking and safety, historical re-enactments, exhibits, museums, libraries, and other related programs.

As an association founded upon our heritage of early American firearms, we declare our support of the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

We are dedicated to:

The understanding of, and the ability in, marksmanship with early American muzzleloading firearms.

Match promotion for the purpose of advancing fine accuracy with these arms and the establishment of standard practices for competition.

The recognition and support for the continuing and growing interest in the added challenge of hunting with a muzzleloading firearm.

Greater safety with all firearms, especially with muzzleloading rifles, pistols, and shotguns.

The collecting, preservation, and recreation of antique firearms and related accoutrements, and the recognition of the value of living history re-enactments.


National Rifle Association -  NRA offers America’s preeminent shooting, training, education and public service programs that foster the safe, responsible ownershop and use of firearms.

Great Lakes Shooting Sports Association - Promoting the Shooting Sports - Protecting

Michigan Gun Shows   - Listing of Sport Shows  Promotions Gun Shows Your Rights

Firearms Manuals -  Site with Large collection of firearm manuals


Michigan State Muzzle Loading Rifle Association -   


Muzzleloading Talk Boards:


The Traditional Muzzleloader Association Forum huntingforums.com -  Has a Muzzleloading section


PowderBurn's Black Powder / Muzzle Loader Forum  Dead link, working on right one.


Hunting Information Systems--Hunters Talk Forum


The Michigan Sportsman Forums



Muzzleloader Information

The Kalamazoo Living History Show  -  was created in 1976 to bring history alive and entertain as well as expose the general public to some of the most fascinating times in our history. Each year the focus of the show changes allowing various historical re-enactment groups, organizations and individuals the opportunity to host the show and share their knowledge and enthusiasm of history with all of us.


Dutch Muzzleloaders -  SV Dutch muzzleloaders Club of Zaanstad for blackpowder shooting and fun.  Click English link on left side of page

Antique Reloading Tool Collector's Association -  Site for those with interest in collecting and study antique shooting related tools such as bullet molds, ball molds, loading and reloading tools.


History of the Kentucky Longrifle - The "Kentucky" rifle was first developed in Pennsylvania by Germanic settlers who had emigrated from their homeland.

Smugglers Notch Primitive Biathlon -Winter biathlon event using muzzleloaders and wood-framed snowshoes the last weekend of January in beautiful Northern Vermont.


Tal's Muzzleloading Site  -  Shooting muzzleloading firearms is an exciting way to experience a piece of history first hand.

Muzzle Loaders Association of Great Britain - The MLAGB was formed in 1952

and is the Governing Body for muzzle loading within the UK.

Its objectives are to encourage an interest in muzzle loading firearms;

to promote, regulate and safeguard their use;

and to preserve their freedom of collection.


 Bob's Black Powder Notebook -Bob Spencer’s Web site with misc. information from 35 years of black powder shooting.


Black Powder Net. - Web Site sells a book on how to make black powder.

Muzzleloader Stock Finishing, Refinishing and Building  - A how-to site on refinishing and building rifle stocks and glass and pillar bedding.

Old Swamp Hunter Co.
- All natural gun care products for muzzleloaders; suitable for use with black powder and smokeless powder systems. Advice given on getting started in the sport of muzzleloading.

A Glossary of American Mountain Men Terms, Words & Expressions


Ol' Buffalo Muzzleloader Guide  _- Muzzle loader shooting tips for loading, shooting and safety with black powder.

Sighting in a Muzzleloader - Throughout the process of sighting the rifle, it is wise to make changes in the sights only after having fired a number of shots, never a single one.

AmericanLongrifles.com - This site is dedicated to the study and building of the American longrifle.


Mountain Men and the Fur Trade - Home page of the AMERICAN MOUNTAIN MEN


Malachite's Big Hole - This Web Page is dedicated to the arts, skills and lore of the Mountain Man and is intended to be a resource for all aspects of life in the mountains and the men who lived there, The focus is on the Golden Age of the American Mountain Man from 1804 to 1840, however, it includes information from the earliest 1600’s to the 1870’s.


Traditional Muzzleloading Association - The TMA is dedicated to preserving the rich and fascinating heritage of the traditional muzzleloading firearms of early America. Whether your interest is in rendezvous, re-enactments, historical clothing, camps, trapping, weapons, accoutrements or American history, all historical topics in relation to the muzzleloading firearms prior to 1900 are welcomed.


Printable Targets


Paper Shooting Targets A collection of printable Target


Computer-Printable Targets


Shooting Targets at Dundee sports mans club


Targets from Bear tooth Bullets


Targets at tnoutdoorsmen


Targets at Varmint Als


Targets at The Reload Bench


Targets at Pro Targets


Targets at Munitions.com


Fort Liberty Links to free targets




                       Black Powder Revolver - The Online Magazine and Resource for Black Powder Revolvers


Muzzleloader.com - Muzzleloader.com provides quick access to muzzleloader products and information.


Backwoodsman Magazine - Dedicated to the preservation of Old Frontier Living.

MUZZLELOADER Magazine  - is the best traditional muzzleloading magazine available. No inlines, no scopes and no break-open breeches. Each issue is jam-packed with articles on hunting, shooting, gunsmithing, do-it-yourself projects, living history, American history, book and product reviews, and much more! A one-year subscription is $24.00 and two years is $42.00 for U.S. delivery. International subscribers add $16.00 per year.


Firearm Manufacturers

And Gun Makers





Davide Pedersoli & Co. - Davide Pedersoli & C., for over fifty years, has been producing guns that faithfully duplicate models of the old American tradition

Tennessee Valley Arms - HAND CRAFTED Muzzleloading Rifles and SuppliesCustom Carving, Engraving, & Handmade Pouches


Jerry Eitnier - EITNIER RIFLES - Iron Mounted Southern Guns

Al Edge, Gunmaker -  Al Edge is a master gunsmith, offering beautiful, 100% accurate, working recreations of early American rifles, using the finest components available.

Armisport - Replica Rifles & Muskets -Armisport is an Italian manufacturer of replica U.S. black powder muskets and rifles. You can learn about their products here.


Knight Muzzleloading Rifles-Learn more about Knight in-line muzzleloading rifles and accessories. Locate dealers, buy on-line, check out the newest information. Site includes information about Scentmaster hunter scent control machine.


Pecatonica Long Rifle Supply- Manufacturers of high quality 98% pre-inletted black powder rifle and pistol stocks and kit's. extensive line of longrifle, plains rifle stocks in 5 grades of Maple, Walnut, and other woods available.


Jim Chambers Flintlocks, Ltd - For over forty years, Jim Chambers has designed and produced some of the world's finest rifles.

Eipers Fork Flintlocks - Custom made black powder flintlock rifles and pistols built by Greg Murry.

Albion Small Arms    -  UK-based manufacturers of reproduction muzzleloaders for shooters and re-enactors. 14th through 19th century models available

American Longrifles    -  American Longrifles is dedicated to the study and building of historically correct American longrifles otherwise known as Kentucky rifle Reproductions of early American Henry, Winchester and Sharp rifles by Uberti

Axtell Rifle Company/The Riflesmith - Manufacturer of the New Model 1877 Sharps black powder cartridge rifle and rifle sights.

Ballard Rifle Company (USA) -  A master gunmaker who specializes in 18 Century Pennsylvania Long Rifles. These are works of art comparable to any guns of the same genre on the market

Battery Gun Company - Manufacturer of full size Gatling Guns.

Bill Shipman Riflemaker   -  Reproduction Single Shot Rifles made to the original Ballard Patent

Black Hart Long Arms   -  Custom gunmaker; produce 10 to 12 handmade long guns. Each one is a copy of an existing historic piece of the 1740 - 1840 period.

Black Jack Creek Muzzleloading - Providing muzzleloading firearms, supplies and accessories.

Black Powder Gun Shop - Black powder guns of all types built, bought, sold, traded. Gunsmithing done. FFL.

BlackpowderArms.com   -  Purveyors of reproduction muskets, rifles, pistols -- flintlock and percussion

The Blunderbuss -  Denver, Colorado's finest purveyor of black powder, muzzle loading, and cap and ball firearms and supplies

Calvary Longrifles - Custom built Early American Longrifles and pistols from the 1750 to 1850 time period. Quality built one at a time.

                        Caywood Gunmakers    -  Builder of English and French Fusils


Chadick's, Inc.
 -  Purveyors of Vintage American and European Firearms


Cimarron Firearms
 -  Makers of some very nice reproduction firearms from the black powder era - Fredericksburg, Texas

Clark Industries/York County Gun Works  -  Custom flintlock rifles, pistols and shotguns, as well as locks by J. Clark

Cliff Fuller Antique Firearms and Accessories - Antique firearms dealer, specializing in muzzle loading sporting firearms, reloading tools, and accessories.

Colonial Gun Works & Supplies   -  Monroe, Michigan

Clover Machine Ltd. - Custom blackpowder cannons built to your specs.

Contemporary Longrifle Association - Collectors, makers, and students dedicated to the making of contemporary longrifles, accoutrements and related items made within the twentieth century.

Conneticut Valley Arms  -  The best in muzzleloading rifles, pistols, revolvers and accessories in the world. Our commitment is in manufacturing the best quality and the most accurate muzzleloading products at an affordable price.

CPA Rifles     -  Headquarters for Schuetzen & BP Rifles and accessories

Curious House (India)    -  Manufacturers and exporters of muzzleloaders, antique guns and pistols, spare parts and edged weapons. Since 1815

Custom Muzzleloader Works by TA Brown - Handmade black powder rifles, pistols, and buckskinning accessories for the hunter, collector, and reenactment enthusiast.


Custom Muzzleloaders - Offering custom made black powder rifles, handmade knives, gunstocks, and knife handle blanks.

Black Powder Firing Cannons!


Flintlock Guns - How Stuff Works: - Many pictures and videos help describe the flintlock mechanism and the guns that used it.


Dixie Gun Works    -  Dixie Gun Works was started in 1948, and in 1954 was the first company in America to introduce mass production muzzleloading replica firearms.

Dixon Muzzleloading Shop -  Dixon Muzzleloading Shop in Kempton, PA publisher of "The Art of Building the Pennsylvania Longrifle" by Chuck Dixon

Donelson Custom Muzzleloaders - Designer and builder of custom black powder rifles, smoothbores, pistols, hand-forged knives, hawks, and tools needed by buckskinners, reenactors, shooting enthusiasts, and collectors.

Neil Fields Riflesmith-  This riflesmith has been building muzzleloading firearms since 1975. In that time I have worked for Green River Rifle Works of Roosevelt, Utah and Charles Hunter LTD of Australia. I build custom rifles, smoothbores and pistols and scaled down firearms for people that prefer a smaller weapon. I also do restoration work and repairs on custom or original arms.

FrenchFusil.com-  Specializing in custom built French smoothbores - Tarentum, PA

The Hawken Shop-  In the early 1800's Jake and Sam Hawken formed a family partnership as gun-makers in St. Louis and began producing their "Hawken Rifle". In 1990 Greg Roberts and Claudette Greene purchased "The Hawken Shop" to preserve this valued part of Americana. The classic "Hawken" has returned

Kennedy Firearms-  Beautiful antique pistol maker

Eric Kettenburg, Gunsmith -  Hand made longrifles, muskets, and fine fowlers of the American Colonial Period - New Albany, Pennsylvania

Killdeer  -  Authentic, functioning replicas of "Killdeer", the rifle used in the movie - The Last of the Mohicanss. Firearm features and ordering information is available.

Lazzeroni Arms Company  -  Fine hunting rifles and cartridges for unsurpassed accuracy

Leipers Fork Flintlocks - Custom made black powder flintlock rifles and pistols built by Greg Murry.

Longhunters Mercantile Inc. - Dennis Dimeck, the owner, has been an avid outdoor enthusiast since he was a youth. Dennis has been a toolmaker and gun builder his entire career.

Loyalist Arms and Repairs-  Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA

Mainmast Conservation - Specializes in cannon repair and conservation, historic artillery and historic metalwork, barrel repairs, replica carriages, metal forgings, replica inert and blank firing cannons for sale or hire.

Markesbery Muzzleloaders, Inc-  Truely high quality, user friendly "user friendly" Advanced Muzzleloader systems

Lyman Products
 -  Makers of a fine line of muzzleloading firearms. - Middletown, Connecticut

McC Custom Machine - Custom Breeching and Custom Muzzleloaders-  Custom breeching for muzzle loading rifles, pistols and shotguns. Complete custom muzzleloaders built. - Las Cruces, N

Mainmast Conservation - Specializes in cannon repair and conservation, historic artillery and historic metalwork, barrel repairs, replica carriages, metal forgings, replica inert and blank firing cannons for sale or hire.

Museum and Collector Specialties - Repairing, restoring, and re-creating historic field guns, their carriages, and support vehicles. Business maintains an ongoing research interest inLoomis' Battery, lst Michigan Light Artillery (Battery A).

Merriman Gun and Knife Works
 -  Manufacturer of the Merriman Knife Pistol

Mile Run Muzzloaders -  
Maker of fine Pennslvania (Kentucky) long rifles, fowlers and pistols of Lancaster, York, Lehigh, Bucks, Bedford and Berks counties. Also Hudson Valley Fowlers, Virginia rifles and smoothbores.


Muzzle Loading Hunter Store - Discover muzzle loader hunting with muzzle loading news, inline rifle guide and extensive FAQs. Shop now for muzzle loading rifles, bullets, sabots, and accessories. Secure ordering. Fast shipping.

Muzzleloaders Builders Supply
 -  A complete line of patchboxes, sideplates, toeplates and all other parts

  Muzzle Loading Skills  - Supplies for the in-line muzzleloader; from binoculars and scopes to cleaning equipment and ammunition. Free shipping!

Navy Arms Replicas - Pennsylvania & Kentucky Firearms: The sweeping, graceful lines of this style of rifle make it one of the most recognizable arms in American history.

North Star West Home Page - Suppliers of historically correct reproductions of smooth-bore muzzleloading flintlock trade guns.

Northern Rifleman - The "Northern Rifleman" can service all of your shooting and rendezvous needs; carrying a complete line of fowlers, shotguns, trade guns, military muskets, pistols, and rifles as well as many other firearms and kits. A licensed firearms dealer.

October Country
 -  Manufacture of the Great American Sporting Rifle. Large bore rifle .62 caliber to .85 caliber

Palmetto Arms - Replicas of American muzzleloading and single action firearms. Products include: derringers, cap and ball revolvers, flintlock and percussion pistols and rifles.

Pedersoli Replica Arms Co.
 -  Handmade Luxury antique firearms

RestorationFirearms.com - Hand crafted black powder rifles made the traditional way, including custom handmade Hawken rifles and Thompson/Center Hawken conversions.

Thompson Center Arms 
 -  High quality manufacturer of muzzleloaders

Pacific Rifle Company  
 -  About the Zephyr, an underhammer percussion rifle that this company produces. The site includes specifications, loading data, a little history and contact information.

Pennsylvania Longrifles Inc 
 -  Custom Made Longrifles

Ronald Scott  
 -  Handcrafted, flintlock firearm reproductions and restoration, including Jaegers, American longrifles and other styles

Shiloh Sharps Rifles
 -  Manufacturer of reproduction Sharps 1874 black powder cartridge rifles. Includes available models, a trophy room, user forum, online store, and contact information.

Sitting Fox Muzzleloaders  -  Sitting fox Custom Muzzleloaders is proud to be a part of this rich tradition. Incorporated in 1996 by Ray Franks, Sitting fox Custom Muzzleloaders has grown to be one of the largest suppliers of Muzzle loading parts in Michigan. Located in the “thumb”of the state in the heart of the rich history of the fur trade and lumber camps we stand ready to help you with any of your custom muzzle loading needs. For you first time builders we have included a “Helpful Hints” page

Jedediah Starr Muzzleloading  
 -  Muzzleloading and Blackpowder Cartridge Firearms, Kits, Components, Ammunition and Accessories for the Builder, Hunter, Shooter, Re-enactor and Collector.

Tennessee Valley Manufacturing (TVM) The Gentleman Hunter  -  Muzzleloading Rifles and Supplies, Custom Carving, Engraving, Scrimshaw & Handmade Pouches

Thompson Center Arms 
 -  High quality manufacturer of muzzleloaders


Thunder Ridge   -  Purveyor of Fine Products for the Muzzleloading Shooter and Buckskinner

Track of the Wolf
 -  Replica Antique Arms & Primitive Americana Elk River, MN

Traditions Performance Firearms - Suppliers of shotguns, muzzleloading rifles and accessories

 -  Makers of simply beautiful engraved firearms, blackpowder pistols, lever action rifles and classic western revolvers

Ultimate Firearms - Makers of the BP Xpress Muzzleloader; a custom Built .50 cal or .45 cal in-line muzzleloader.


Vern Gayler - Ponderosa Enterprises
 -  Obsolete, antique, hard to find, and one of a kind parts for modern, foreign, 
and collectible rifles, shotguns, and pistols - Livermore, Colorado

Varide Cicognani
 -  Italian competition rifles and shooting accessories online catalog - Both English and Italian versions

Vintage Arms Custom Flintlocks - Gunsmith with over 27 years experience, producing custom flintlock guns.

White Rifles  
 -  White rifle's resident genius has been in muzzleloading for over 50 years, as an inventor, entrepreneur, designer, writer, and gunsmith

Wild West Guns -  Designers and Purveyors of the CoPilot Rifle.

Magnus Wiberg -  Handcrafted Museum Quality Muzzle Loader & Accessories - Stockholm, Sweden


Knives, Hawks & Forgework



Billy's Blacksmith Shop - Watson Knives - The home site for the famous WATSON KNIVES. Billy has been at his trade since 1972 and makes only high quality, customized carbon steel knives using wood or natural material for handles, specializing in the ultimate medium, Damascus steel.


Double Edge Forge -  All of my items are guaranteed for life, yours or mine, whichever ends First.


RMJ Forge -  Tomahawks that Made History. Tomahawks that make History.


IRONPOST KNIVES -  Knives and Tomahawks


Swamp Fox Knives -  Tomahawks that Made History. Tomahawks that make History.


Wise Custom Knives -  In 1994, I started making more traditional and period knives. Most of the knives I make now are from the 17 and 1800's. I still make modern knives, when requested, but prefer to make knives similar to the ones that were used between 1700 and 1840.



Ragweed Forge - This is the home of Ragnar's Ragweed Forge. Here you'll find information about knives, both historical and modern, blacksmithing, Vikings, Buckskinners, living history, and the SCA. There's an on-line catalog of knives, ironwork, Viking and Celtic jewelry, and other historical items.


Switz Forge Home Page -  Hand-forged custom iron from the blacksmith shop


Muzzleloader Accessories



The Gun Works - We strive to provide our customers with the best quality 17th, 18th and 19th century products available.  Monroe, Michigan


Old Guns - American Black Powder Guns -Everything to know about black powder guns including - links, images, history, forums and how tos.

Antique Shooting Tool Collector's Association- For those with interest in collecting and study antique shooting related tools such as bullet molds, ball moulds, loading and reloading tools.

Black Widow Bullet Company
- Manufacturer of advanced conical muzzleloader bullets; providing full sized, reduced weight bullets for the hunter and sports shooter.

Cash Musket Cappers
- Makers of the Famous Cash Rifle Cappers, Pistol Cappers, The New Musket Capper, Reproduction Boxes, Gun Hangers & Building Supplies, Funnels and other Muzzleloading accessories.

Green Mountain Rifle Barrel Company
- High quality, accurate, reliable barrels for black powder, muzzleloading rifles and pistols in many calibers and sizes.


L&R Lock Company
- Descriptions, pricing and ordering information for L&R flintlock and percussion locks and lock parts.

 Old Swamp Hunter Co.
- All natural gun care products for muzzleloaders; suitable for use with black powder and smokeless  powder systems.  Advice given on getting started in the sport of   muzzleloading.

Pecatonica Long Rifle Supply
- Manufacturers of 98% pre-inletted black powder rifle and pistol stocks and kit's; Has an extensive line of longrifle, plains rifle stocks in 5 grades of Maple, Walnut, and other woods available.

Precision Custom Muzzle Loader Bullets
- Custom bullets designed for muzzleloaders.

- Muzzle loading, black powder ramrods

Scrimshaw by Gary Fiedler
- Quality scrimshaw on powderhorns and mammoth ivory. Custom work available and welcomed any time.

Solco Manufacturing
- Revolutionary solvent dispensing firearm cleaning rod. This cleaning rod delivers cleaning solvents, copper bore cleaners, oils, and even soap and water for black powder shooters.

 Thread the Needle - 18th Century Clothing

  Twin Otter Trading  -  Home of Wide Body Clothes

Ghost Forge & Rubenesque Fashions -  Welcome to Ghost Forge, creators of historical re-enactment clothing costumes for men and women of the 18th century.

Backwoods Tin & Copper, LLC -The Backwoods Tin Shop has been producing fine, hand made items from tin, copper and stainless steel since 1994.

ML Knives and Accoutrements - The finest Custom forged Handcrafted knives for the Hunter,Fisherman, Re-enactment of early America, General Outdoorsperson, woodsman all around kitchen use,Buckskinner, Cowboy, Mountain man.. and all good folk!


Log Cabin Shop - "Serving the Black Powder Community for Over 60 Years"


Jas. Townsend and Son, Inc. - We are a mail order company that supplies 18th and 19th century reproductions for living history.

Turkey Foot Trading Company and Forge, LLC Catalog - We are purveyors of 18th and 19th Century merchandise.

Circle Fly Wads - Offering The Most Comprehensive Selectio Of Card & Fiber Wads Available

Dixie Gun Works - Black Powder Guns Antique Gun Parts and Shooting Supplies

Ken Scott's Hunting Pouches - Paul Jones, writing in  MUZZLELOADER magazine called Ken,  "...... the best known pouch maker in America today."

Making TimeDesigners of Pre-1840's Clothing and Accessories

Ox-Yoke Originals, Inc.
 -  Top Quality Gun Care Shooting Products

Panther Primitives - the world's largest manufacturer of historical tentage.

Rightnour Manufacturing Co - Blackpowder Supplies

Shayna Sweigart Custom Woven Straps & Sashes - Fine Quality Custom Weaving Historically Correct of the 18th Century

TDC Cash Manufacturing - Cash Black Powder cappers and supplies

The Leatherman Traditional Leather Products -  Tradition Leather Products

Gun Powder



Elephant Black Powder
- Manufacturer of black powder for sporting, hunting, fireworks, pyrotechnics, mining, blasting and military uses.


GOEX, Inc.
- E. I. DuPont de Nemours of Pennsylvania began construction of the Belin Plant in 1908, and produced the first batches of black powder in 1912.


The Spirit of 76 - Cleanshot Powder
- An on-line source for Cleanshot Powder and Quickshot pellets, modern black powder substitutes for muzzleloading and cartridge reloading.


Online Stores


Thunder Ridge (USA) - Purveyor of Fine Products for the Muzzleloading Shooter and Buckskinner

Track of the Wolf, Inc.  -  Muzzle Loading &  Black Powder Breech Loading Guns,Gun Kits,       Parts, Books, Rendezvous & Re-Enactment Gear & Primitive  American Accessories.


Black Powder SPG
- Black powder reloading and shooting supplies. Home of "The Black Powder Cartridge News" magazine and archives.

The Colonial Horn Shoppe
- Reproductions of 18th century powder horns and horn powder measures. Carved powder horns with authentic scrimshaw designs.

Colonial Gun Works and Supplies
- Offers historically correct firearms, personal items, and books.

Dixie Gun Works
- The last word in blackpowder shooting supplies and antique gun parts.

Dixon Muzzleloading Shop
- Dixon Muzzleloading Shop in Kempton, PA publisher of "The Art of Building the Pennsylvania Longrifle" by Chuck Dixon

Flying Cloud Trading Co.
- A family owned and operated supplier, with a complete line of supplies and equipment for black powder and modern guns.

Hunter's Friend Outdoors- On-line source for muzzle loading firearms and accessories. Other hunting related items are also available.

Jedediah Starr Trading Company
- Blackpowder firearms, kits, components and accessories for the builder, hunter, shooter & collector

Mountain Top Trading Company- Merchants of black powder supplies and accessories, including custom-made rendezvous furniture.

RMC Sports Online Catalog
- Source for muzzleloading    and  blackpowder supplies.


H and B Forge Company - Hand-Forged Tomahawks & Knives.